Meta Quest Pro VR headset, $1099 USD

//Meta Quest Pro VR headset, $1099 USD

Meta Quest Pro VR headset, $1099 USD



This deal isn’t for everyone, so please don’t downvote if it’s not for you.

I would suggest it for VR developers and enthusiasts.

Current Amazon Canada price is $2000 + taxes.

I was ready to pre-order the HTC XR Elite ($1650 CAD all-in), which has a way better design and no privacy issues, but Meta got me by matching their price and including features such as eye and face tracking.

* Meta’s Quest has the largest ecosystem of titles. You can play SteamVR titles wirelessly
* Built in eye and face tracking
* Pancake lenses instead of passé fresnel lesnses
* More comfortable battery on the back design
* Choice of partial closure for mixed reality
* Controllers are supposed to be excellent
* Display has local dimming

* Requires using a Meta account (privacy issues)
* Only 90Hz
* Battery life is less than 2h, though you can charge while playing
* Passthrough isn’t good enough to read text
* Quest 3 may be a better option when it’s released
* You’ll have to pay duties, and returns would be more hassle


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