Amazing Sheets for your Bed that Last over Time!

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The sheets on your bed need to feel great around your skin. They also need to last, not fade or start to fall apart after you have washed them a few times. Some are so thin, you can practically see right through them soon after you have used them a few times and then washed and dried them. A high thread count is often an indicator of quality sheets. However, there is more for you to evaluate than just that.

Our Research

We took our time to find the best sheets for your bed. We wanted to share those that we felt were amazing and that truly have value to last over time. We were harsh on them, washing and drying them often. We stretched them out, and we slept on them for nights at a time. We tested more than 50 sheets and came up with a few that we know you will be very happy with!

We also selected them based on being lightweight, and breathable. We tested sets that can be used all year long in all types of weather conditions. We narrowed it down to those we would test based on consumer reviews, top consumer purchases, brand names getting attention, and information from experts with this type of product.

You may have some additional preferences that influence what you will purchase. You may prefer sheets that are satin or the flannel touch. You may like a certain material over others. That is fine, but also make sure you know which of the products in that given category can deliver the best value. It is also wise to find out about the care instructions for them. Not all of these products can be tossed into the washer or dryer to clean them. We only tested those that can because we want the care process to be simple for you too.

Bedding Pick #1

Our top pick for a quality sheet with plenty of value is L.L. Bean Prim Cotton Percale Sheet Set (280 thread count). This sheet set offers a very crisp feel and they will help you to stay cooler in the summer as well as warmer in the winter. The material is breathable, adding additional comfort. They are offered in 8 colors and you can get them for any size of mattress you may own. The price will vary based on the size. Since a queen size mattress is the most common, we got the price for those, which is about $150.

The more you wash this sheet set, the softer it is going to get. That is encouraging for those that don’t care for the rougher texture of percale. We tested this product over a long span of time, and it still looked like new after all of that time and all of the washing/drying. The L.L. Bean Prim cotton Percale sheet set didn’t show signs of wear or signs of fading. The sheets are smooth and it isn’t difficult to get them to be flat on your bed.

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Bedding Pick #2

Our second pick is the JC Penney Home Wrinkle Guard Sheet (400 thread count). This satin sheet feels very good against the skin. It is going to be smooth and flat, giving you a great surface to sleep on. They are machine wash and dry, and they look like you spent significantly more for them than you really did. They are offered in quite a few great colors and different sizes. A queen set is going to cost you about $60.

The downside to this satin fabric though is it can be harder to stay warm with it in the winter months. Some consumers love the way they feel so much though they would rather put on an extra blanket or turn up the heat than to change to something else for the winter. If you live in a region where the winters are mild, this can be an excellent choice for all year comfort. They will definitely help you to stay cooler when the temperatures heat up!

We did notice lint, pet hair and other debris tend to stick to the JC Penney Home Wrinkle Guard sheets though. If you have pets in your home, you may find you have to wash them more often in order to eliminate this type of issue.

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