It makes sense to spend your money on a TV that is designed to last. It needs to have a very crisp picture. It needs to have clear sound and plenty of features. This allows you to set it up as you wish and to have access to your favorite programming. AN OLED TV should be high on your list of options.

You can’t beat the color, the contrast offered, or the angles for your viewing pleasure. You can count on the OLED to bypass even the top of the line LCD TVs on the market today. However, you do need to be willing to spend a bit more for them. When it comes to such an investment, you don’t want to be disappointed with it. Carefully evaluating the options before you buy will ensure you are thrilled with what you get and how it performs!

With the OLED TV options, you get a premium outcome for the picture quality and the sound quality. You don’t have to go with the higher end products, never assume a higher price means a better value. With my information, you can see how they compare to each other and get a very good deal. Keep in mind, OLED TVs aren’t offered any larger than 77”. If you are looking something with a larger screen this line of products isn’t a good match for you.

I have been involved with reviewing various TV models since 2008. I see how they stack up against each other and offer objective feedback. I share the good as well as the negative so consumers can be well informed before they dive into such a purchase. I rely on the best testing equipment and software programs to compile such information.

Keep in mind, OLED TVs can be hindered due to exposure to an excessive amount of sunlight or lighting in a given room. You may need to get heavier curtains or keep them closed during the day to enjoy viewing this type of TV. At night though you will find that the picture is very easy to see with the reduced amount of light. This is something to think about as you decide where to place the product in a given room too.

What is Available?

For buyers in the United States and Canada, there are only two brands of OLED TVs available at this point in time. They are offered from the manufactures LG and Sony. There are additional brands offered in the UK and Europe. You will need to make some minor adjustments to your specifications when you purchase the item and take it out of the box.

Very few consumers are going to find the set up that comes with them from the factory is ideal for their wants and needs. Don’t hesitate to evaluate what features you have access to and how to make adjustments. Play around with options and then stick with what you like best. This is to ensure the OLED TV you have is giving you the best outcome possible.

During our testing, the LG models look better and they offer superior sound and quality over the Sony models. This isn’t to say Sony doesn’t have good products in this department, they just aren’t as fine-tuned as those offered by LG. The magic remote by LG is also a great perk. It can be activated by motion or by voice. The Web based OS on the LG models is also very simple to navigate. You don’t want to have a top of the line TV, and then struggle to use the features it offers! LG is compatible with all of the video and audio platforms offered today.

#1 Pick

Our #1 pick for the best OLED TV is the LG C9. It offer 4K HDR images beyond what you could ever hope for! It is also far less expensive than many of the other OLED options available today. As a result, you can get a remarkable product and still fit it successfully within your budget. This particular model costs about $2,500.

All of the standards for HDR are fully supported by this model. Plus, the smart TV features are very easy to use. They make it simple to find what you would like to watch, to stream your favorite programs through entities such as Amazon and Netflix, and give you plenty of viewing options at any given point in time.
The overall design of the LG C9 OLED TV is appealing. It is a thin design and it is designed to last. Since it also features support for HDMI 2,1, you don’t have to worry about it being outdated any time soon either as new technology emerges.

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#2 Pick

Another great choice is the LG B9, and the cost is even less, around $1,800. It offers outstanding audio and visual quality. The processor for this model is less powerful than the LG C9 and that causes some lag with the video processing that wasn’t found with most of the other OLD TVs. Otherwise, it is very similar in overall performance to the LG C9 but it can save you a bit of money to go with this model instead.

Interestingly enough, the sound quality on the LG B9 is actually better than what is offered with the LG C9. It isn’t enough of a difference though unless you are actually looking for it and picking at the fine details like I do when I make comparisons on TVs. Since many consumers use a sound bar or surround system with their TV, it will more than compensate for what is lacking.

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Future Options

Due to the interest and demand for the LG models of OLED TVs, the company is striving to make them better and better. They are relying on technology and the feedback from consumers to do so. At the same time, Sony is working hard to create a better product so they don’t get bypassed by consumers for one of those LG models. Such competition works in the favor of the consumer every time!
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