Normally $49.99 , just bought this after seeing a price drop. Had one before that I used for years and was pretty satisfied with it.

Amazon product: Magic Bullet Blender, Mixer & Mini-Food Processor In-One (17-Piece Set)
Customer Reviews:
Well, it was a long journey, met by happiness, sadness, frustration and plenty of rage! At first I was blissfully confident, but then reviews and research made that confidence begin to waver. However I’m a man of my word who vows to finish what he started and when I say I’ll do something I’ll do it. | So I got the Magic Bullet… | …and I can now say with confidence, that it can indeed blend a Nintendo DS cartridge and shred it into dust. | PS. Don’t be fooled by the “chunks”, this was actually the 2nd DS cartridge I put in the blender after I subjected another cartridge as a test, which resulted in a fine dust. If I did more “quick burst” chops the end result would’ve been more fine. But even then, those “chunks” were roughly the width of toothpicks. | Oh and it also makes really good smoothies…. don’t worry, I bought a separate set of Cross Blades specifically for the DS cartridges! I didn’t use them for food afterward, I’m not THAT crazy!