This is a solid dutch oven. We have one, and it still looks brand new after a year of consistent use.
The sandalwood color is actually a very soft, buttery looking neutral in real life.

Amazon product: Lodge EC6D07 Enameled Dutch Oven 6 Quart Sandalwood
Customer Reviews:
Arrived in perfect condition. It comes packed in a Lodge box. The colour isn’t fancy or anything but it’s functional and that’s all that matters. This 6 quart Dutch oven definitely looks just the right size to roast a whole chicken. It’s quite heavy, but not too heavy to lift by any means. It’s to be expected with cast iron. | Update: Roughly 1 year later and I’m in love with this thing! No chips at all, and I’m not always perfect about taking care to avoid that. This was a great find. So happy with this purchase.