[Amazon.ca] Aukey mechanical rgb keyboard $10 off +no tax. $54.99 all in

//[Amazon.ca] Aukey mechanical rgb keyboard $10 off +no tax. $54.99 all in

[Amazon.ca] Aukey mechanical rgb keyboard $10 off +no tax. $54.99 all in



Just bought this budget mechanical keyboard.. $10 off and no tax. Arriving tomorrow, reviews seem ok. 54.99 all in

Amazon product: AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Customizable RGB Backlight & Tactile Blue Switches, 104-Key Anti-Ghosting Wired Keyboard with Surround Lighting, Steel Body for PC and Laptop
Customer Reviews:
Please note that if you are looking for a gaming keyboard, you probably want something with different switches. Blue switches are for typing. They’re also pretty noisy, so only get this keyboard if you dislike your coworkers or have private office space. I knew what I was getting into (needed a temporary workhorse until I repair or replace my Unicomp). | This is a very simple, space-saving (while still giving you a full array of keys) keyboard. The Outemu switches are pretty similar to the blues from Kailh and Cherry, so, I can’t complain. By default, the keyboard comes with a light show that’s unnecessary for a work keyboard, but at least it’s easy to turn off. I wish there was a cheaper, unlit version. | I know my review has a few rants mixed in, but I really am happy with my purchase. This is a great value for a premium performance/feel keyboard. I just wanted to help any potential buyers make an informed decision.


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