[Amazon.ca] Amazon – Fuji X100V – $200 Off

//[Amazon.ca] Amazon – Fuji X100V – $200 Off

[Amazon.ca] Amazon – Fuji X100V – $200 Off

$208 OFF


Not for everyone but if you’re already into the Fuji system and looking for a camera that just came out a few months ago Amazon has this on for ~$200 off. It’s only the black one and back ordered until Sept 5th but you can still preorder it.

The deal probably won’t last very long as I’ve gotten lucky in the past where it’s gone on sale for about a day and then the price goes back up.

Coming from an X100F the upgrades may seem minor but they have updated the lense for better sharpness wide open as well as close up. It also ‘finally‘ has a flip screen! If you had your eye on it and on the fence this might be enough to pull the trigger.

Again, this is probably for a niche group of photographers but it’s portable and most of all fun to use.


Amazon product: Fujifilm 16643000 X100V Digital Camera – Black
Customer Reviews:
I love the camera but I have one concern which probably will lead me to return it and buy another one. I’ve bought many Fuji cameras and all the cameras always came in a bag sealed with a temper proof sticker on the bag. This one had no sticker and the bag itself looks so used, wrinkled and torn. I think someone has bought and returned the camera:(


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