I have two of these that I’ve owned for a few years now bought them when the price was around $100 each. Installation is easy and the app is pretty good. Picking up 2 more at this price. They work fine on cold days below 20. I think they recently added Alexa and Google Home support.

Amazon product: YI Outdoor Security Camera Waterproof, 1080p 2.4GHz Wifi Surveillance System with Activity Alert, Deterrent Alarm with Alexa
Customer Reviews:
I bought 4 cameras from this seller. 3 outdoors and one indoor. | The cameras are as advertised and everything needed for installation was inside the box (screwdriver, screws, spare screws for the microSD card’s door, plastic anchors for the wire, etc). | Setup was a breeze. I already owned other surveillance cameras (produced by other manufacturers) and it was super complicated to do the setup. Beside this they often lost connexion and needed rebooting. Never had these problems with YI cameras. | Unfortunately I had one issue with one of the units (an outdoor unit) but their customer service was excellent. They provided a execelent solution to my problem and they have been very professional. | The only suggestion I would have is for the app. In order to view the live feed from a specific camera, I have to scroll down, find it and tap on it. I would rather prefer to have a mosaic function that allows to place them as wanted and to be able to see the live stream without taping on the camera. Like this I could only tap to enlarge the camera that shows an activity that I want to see in detail. | For the moment it’s a 5 stars for me considering that I had the product they advertised, their customer service is excellent and the product is super easy to install. | The build quality will be a thing that I will review in the future but for the moment it rained a lot on the outdoor units and I had no issue with them. | I will certainly buy again from this seller and I recommend it.