Just saw this when I was browsing Amazon, hopefully, some find it useful.

Amazon product: YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor Wireless IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision for Office Monitor with iOS, Android
Customer Reviews:
Like: | (1) motion detected recordings continue as one clip until motion stops; | (2) not a requirememt to use cloud. This way no ongoing fees; | (3) considering the quality of the recordings and the ease of use of the App, very reasonable price for the cam; | (4) two-way audio 5/5; | (5) App rated 5/5; playback is very easy to use (note: Wyze cam is very difficult to playback); | (6) the Cam’s IR light can be turned on or off by the user (instead of it being automatic). This is useful if the cam is pointing outside from inside behind a window (if ir is off, there is no reflection of ir and this results in the night-time recordings to be useful when there is (even low or dim) ambient lighting outside. | (7) notifications since March 15/19 have been timely (and still are as of Sept 15/19); | (8) When set to record only motion triggered events, motion not in the activity zone is recorded but no notification is sent; I love this feature! I can review all motion triggered recording in the cam’s range but I don’t get bothered by a notification of events not in the activity zone. | Update, Sept 15/19 — I now have 7 of the same cam because the identical cams (cams 1 to 4) performed so well (expectations exceeded). Highly recommended cam! | Dislike: | (1) if Yi’s servers are “down” (it happened for hours in late January, 2019) the cam will be inaccessible and includes not being able to view “live stream” nor previously recorded events that were not previously downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Because of this, I have other cams (different manufacturers) which store events to micro SD cards instead of uploaded to the cloud; edit Sept 15/19 — Yi’s servers have not been “down” since January, 2019. | (2) event-triggered recordings are stored on the micro SD card that is in the cam for about 7 days as older recordings are deleted to make room for new recordings. That means you have to download (within 7 days) any event you want to keep; | I am not in any manner connected with the vendor nor the manufacturer.