Lowest price on CCC for the Iron Man set.

Iron Man and Ship in a Bottle sets are limited time deal. I didn’t find the expiry date.

LEGO Art Iron Man
LEGO Art Andy Warhol’s Marylin Monroe
LEGO Ideas Ship in a Botttle
LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V . $127.49 Not in title. There’s already a post.

A lot of people find the Lego Art set overpriced, including myself. Maybe this will make it more palatable for some.

Amazon product: LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199 Building Kit for Adults; A Creative Wall Art Set Featuring Iron Man That Makes an Awesome Gift, New 2020 (3,167 Pieces)
Customer Reviews:
Everything was great!! Turned out beautifully. Husband enjoyed putting it together. Was a great gift’n