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Okay-so these headphones aren’t beats or sennheisers. But for those who are lazy to charge their equipment like me or still prefer old school methods of listening to music, I can vouch for them. Again, don’t expect Bose or Sony-you’re in the wrong thread LOL

I’ve used one pair in the gym for 5 years-at this price I wouldn’t mind a back up. Just my 0.02. … =UTF8&th=1

Amazon product: Jvc HAS160B Flats Lightweight Headband Headphones, Black
Customer Reviews:
I bought these because my @culus headphones had a problem, on and off right ear then nothing. So I switched to earbuds for games but when I talk in O. home, it’s like I have my fingers in my ears so I bought these and they’re great, light and go over the headset easily, sound is great for the price perfect replacement for that @culus major issue. I can just switch from these to earbuds for games in 2 seconds. | Oh and btw, Intelcom express is just awesome, lightning fast. Thumbs up Amazom for picking them | EDIT: They just died on me a year and a few days after I bought them. Cheap but they could’ve lasted a bit longer IMO