Bought a bidet recently and worried it may spring a leak without any warning.. not want to wake up in a deluge from some cheap plastic that may break..
Was eyeing these alarms for awhile, this one was $22.xx just yesterday now more 50% off. Reviews say the sound is comparable to smoke alarms and replaceable battery..

Amazon product: SABRE Water Leak Alarm
Customer Reviews:
I’ve tried a few water leak alarms and this one is by far the best bang for the buck. First off, it’s so loud. It makes smoke detectors sound like they don’t even care. The tethered probe is short but still very handy to have compared to the models with the prongs on the bottom of the housing. | I’ve installed this a couple weeks ago and it’s already saved me. My sump pump failed due to freezing and the pit was filling up. I have the alarm on the sump pit cover and the probe hanging into the pit. I was able to catch this and replace the pump before any water ended up on my floor. | Also, this only uses 2 AAA batteries compared to the standard 9 volt which is nice.