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Hey everyone, if you’re searching for a mouse, maybe check this out. This is cheaper than the comparable logitech g604 and touts a long battery life and clicker that supports 50 million clicks. Typically, I would avoid razer mice because of the notorious double click issue in the past mouse I’ve owned but this one seems like an outlier with such a high rated clicker.

The mouse comes with a 2 year warranty.

Amazon product: Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: Bluetooth & Wireless Compatible – 16K DPI Optical Sensor – 6 Programmable Buttons – 450 Hr Battery – Classic Black
Customer Reviews:
👍 After trying all the Logitech series of gaming mice I felt very let down, so I thought I would try the Razer brand. This is my first Razer mouse and I am pleasantly surprised. | 👍 The ergonomics are okay but not great with this mouse. My hand was uncomfortable after using it for a couple hours compared to other mice. I prefer gaming mice because they are often made to be more comfortable for longer hours but this one not so much. | 👎 The DPI changing button is terrible. I prefer the G903 style that shows the levels on the mouse with LED lights, and allows for up and down. This mouse is just up and you have to cycle through all the DPI settings to find the one you want eventually. Hopefully you aren’t in the middle of the game when you need to do this. Big fail Razer. | 🧐 The software is okay but not great. What I do not like is how resource heavy the software is. I think I have about 5 services running just for this mouse software!? So strange. Leads me to believe Razer is more of a hardware company than a software company.