Roav s1 dash cam, at one point these were 169.99, price is now. $79.99.

Amazon product: Anker Roav Dash Cam S1, Full HD 1080P Resolution, Built-In GPS/WiFi, 2.4″ LCD, 4-Lane Wide-Angle View Lens, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, 2-Port Charger, 32G microSD Card, Easy Sharing
Customer Reviews:
Winter update : I’ve had the cam for a few months now. At some point temperature here in Quebec have gone down to -30c for days. The battery has kept up the charge and the cam never lost date and settings, even when not running the car for a few days. | Image quality when used with snow all around is good considering the additional brightness. | We also can now see the videos with the overlay in km/h. The only thing missing is a PC software to watch the videos and export the GPS coordinates. | Original review : | I have had this dashcam for almost two full weeks now. It’s my first dash cam and like a lot of folks here, I was looking for one that would have a good picture quality (readable license plates), from a reliable brand (prices, quality of the product, client support, etc.). | So far I’m very satisfied with this dash cam. I didn’t have any problem installing it (even if the crowbar was missing from my package ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and it is very sturdy. I don’t notice it when I’m driving since it is very small. | The dash cam itself functions as expected and the image is crystal clear, even at night. I’m not using the 2K picture mode since I’ve decided to switch to 1080p at 60 fps to gain more fps. The emergency mode works good (I got read ended at a very slow speed and the emergency mode activated!). | The only thing I do not like that much is the software interface. It doesn’t seem to sync with the camera sometimes. Also, the overlay on the videos in only in mp/h, that’s a bummer. Both of these problems could be solved easily in the next software update so I’m not considering these are real issues. | The wifi speed to download and watch the videos is decent, not the fastest, but no the slowest either. It’s very useful when you’re on the fly and want to save a video without having to pop up the sd card and copy it. Most of the time, I just deactivate the wifi otherwise. | The only thing I would like to see is a real hardwire kit to plug it on the battery directly. | Also, I’d most certainly buy a rear dash cam if Anker sold one. | Please note that I did NOT receive a free product or a discount for my review.