[Amazon.ca] Native 1080p BOMAKER HD Projector – $251 ($96 off)

//[Amazon.ca] Native 1080p BOMAKER HD Projector – $251 ($96 off)

[Amazon.ca] Native 1080p BOMAKER HD Projector – $251 ($96 off)

96$ off


Currently on sale at Amazon, the BOMAKER 1080p projector has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Per various sources, this is considered to be the superior “budget 1080p” projector when compared to the Vankyos and Jimtab. Having been tracking this for a while, this projector rarely goes under $300.

Amazon product: Native 1080p Projector, BOMAKER 4K HD Projector, Outdoor Projector for Movies, 7200 Lumens, 50% X/Y Zoom Out, Compatible with iPhone, Android, TV Stick, PC, Laptop, PS4, DVD Player
Customer Reviews:
Hi there! Here’s my review of the Bomaker Parrot 1. First of all, I can definitely say that this is the best projector out of all the budget 1080p projectors on Amazon! I’ve tried the Erisan S50, the Vankyo V630 and then purchased this one. I can 100% say from my experience with all three, this one is superior to those two. Overall it has a better speaker, better brightness, better contrast and better overall picture out of all three. You can customize pretty much every aspect of your picture and even adjust the sound! I’m a bit of a videophile too, so I will work tirelessly until I get the absolute best picture possible out of any display in my home. | Even with the lights on, the projector handles the ambient light very well (the pics of Sonic are with my overhead light on, about three feet from my projected picture) but definitely enjoy it with the lights off. It’s incredible! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. For the money, it’s hands down the best value. I did love the Vankyo V630 as well but I had to return it because I had a dead pixel on the LCD inside and it bothered me too much to not pay it any mind. That return is what made try this one out and I’m so glad I did. | When I was doing my calibrating I was able to hit contrast, brightness, color and sharpness reference points to almost perfection. Also another thing I noticed with the Bomaker out of the three I purchased, this one feels like it’s made with higher quality as well. The buttons, keystone, and focus dials feel sturdy and can really be fine tuned. To finish up this review, I wouldn’t recommend it for competitive online first person shooters but for casual gaming, it’s awesome. It even has a PC setting on the HDMI which noticeably improved the input lag! That’s an awesome option for a “budget” projector to have! If you are on the fence about which one to buy of the three popular 1080p projectors on Amazon, go for this one, you won’t be disappointed. As far as my picture settings go, I normally post my numbers but everyone has different environments, screens or no screen so what is recommend is to go to a website called rtings.com. Once you are there, in the search box, type “picture calibrating” and you’ll find a step by step guide showing you how to calibrate your display. If you rather not do all that and just plug and play, choose the standard picture setting. It’s pretty good right out the box! If you are still here, thanks for reading! Hope this helps!


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