John wick 1-3 4k uhd trilogy is $25 again.

But shipping time is 1 to 2 months.
I ordered and got a ship date of March 21.

For those that don’t mind the wait, order away.

Amazon product: John Wick 1-3 4k/UHD [Blu-ray] (Bilingual)
Customer Reviews:
Unlike most multiple movie collections, this one was made exclusively with 4K viewers. Even all the extras are in the 4K discs [why can’t they all do this?]. Each of the 3 movies have at least 60 minutes of extras. | John Wick [chapter 1] is the shortest running at around 100 minutes or so. The other two are over 2 hoyrs each. | There is no digital codes or booklet. | The 3 movies come in a standard Blu-ray case. Each disc has their own spoke to sit on. No putting one disc on top of another. | Keanu still does the majority of his own stunts. | In some “fun” statistics: Wick killed 77 in the first chapter, 128 in chapter 2 [however a short featurette on the chapter 2 discs said 156 kills] and 98 in the third chapter. [The totals came from a web site.]