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Amazon product: Hoover Linx Signature 18V Lithium Cordless Stick Vacuum, BH50020
Customer Reviews:
Ok, bought the wife another vacuum for her B-Day. Not something i’d recommend, but it’s an ongoing joke with me and the wife. Fact is, this is the second Hover Linx Stick Vacuum that I’ve bought her and i know she loves it. The first one is about two years old and still going strong, but i got a second one for the cottage to help with all the sand the kids track through the place. This unit is perfect. Small, light, and does a great job picking up cherios, sand, and the such. . Actually does a beter job than our $800 dyson which don’t pick up Cherios because it hugs the floors and carpets too closely (USELESS!!). But really, this is a great vacuum, and two years later, despite some researsch, i was unable to find anything better – which is fine with me and her because it really does work better. At the cottage now, so i was only able to take a picture of our old vacume (grey model). Make sure you dump the filter after each use (very easy) and treat the battery properly to get maximum life out of it. Two yearts later of regular uses and ours is still going strong. I have the charger setup on a timer so that it automatically shuts off after three hours of charging. Don’t know if this makes a difference, ad the charger stops charging on it own, but we still get atleasst 20 minutes out of it. This is the only thing you might want to think about – you’re not going to get a 40 minute vac tine out of this, but you’re also not spending $400+ for the vacume. So for the price and performance, 20+ minutes is great for quick cleanups.