It’s only been this low since 2019 boxing week. If you have ever worked with cast iron, a handle or a towel is a must.

Amazon product: Lodge Manufacturing Company Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder, 10.25″, Black
Customer Reviews:
My 2nd Lodge skillet – love these beasts. Once heated properly (just as/before the oil starts to smoke), the heat capacity of the cast iron ensures that the cooking surface is evenly hot and never drops drastically – thus food browns properly (Maillard reaction->great flavour) without steaming. Also, works well on any heat source, including on the glowing embers of civilization after the Trump/Kim Jong-Un apocalypse. Wait, what? | Anyway, I wish they were still factory smoothed like they were in yesteryears – the finish is quite rough, so you really need to build up that non-stick layer (youtube “how to treat you cast iron skillet”) – but I figure I can sand them down myself if I’m inclined to. Spend the few dollars to get the Lodge vs cheapy Made in China cast iron skillets. I find the China made ones thinner and less robust – god knows what kind of pig-iron they use to make them as well.