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Amazon product: Sennheiser IE 40 PRO, Molded in Ear Dynamic Monitors (Clear)
Customer Reviews:
I just got them as a replacement for my se215 | I own several headphones than I can compare: Sony MDR-7506, MDR-7510, Sennheiser HD-25 (mk1), Sennheiser HD600. My test was run with an RME ADI-2 DAC. | First, i’m impressed with the value of this IEMs. The Sennheiser sound signature is here. It’s quite comparble to the HD-25 in term of sound signature, maybe a little more room. However there are less punchy on the kicks and tiny bit less bass. But really, it sounds very close to the HD-25! I’m impressed. | Compared to the Shure SE215, I personally prefer the sound of the IE 40 Pros. The SE215 have too loud bass for me and do not sound as balanced and clear these ones. | The IE40 Pro are also smaller in the ear that is easier to fit and more comfortable. | However I have some durability concerns about the IE 40 Pro. I like the easy removable coax cable, but maybe too easy compared to the shure, it happened to me to diaconnect it by mistake already. Is this connector is suited for a lot of connections? This might be a concern for musicians in urge on stage. | Other than that, the build quality is great, on par with the se215. | The highs are quite good, but hisses on some specific samples, or voices pronouncing S.