September 29, 2020


Long time user of RFD, but first time posting a deal, so apologies if I’ve missed anything.

There’s currently a lightning deal for this PLA+ – just ordered an Ender 3 V2 myself and from what i can see, this is a pretty good deal for filament… I’ve been printing with it over the weekend and it’s pretty good so far, but definitely too new to 3D printing to know whether this is a good reliable filament or not.

Lightning deal is $10.50 off and another $5.00 coupon for certain colours. Ended up being $22.95 including taxes for me in BC. Deal is colour-specific! … UTF8&psc=1

Amazon product: PLA Filament 1.75 from­čŹüCanadian Seller Mech Solutions Ltd­čŹüFLASHFORGE PLA+/PLA PRO 3D Printing Filament, with an Extra resealable vacuumed Bag, High Quality PLA Filament 1.75mm Provides Printing Temperature 374-428┬░F
Customer Reviews:
so far have tried around 6 different brand PLAs and this is by far the best one that gave me really good prints. I was kind of determined to test out the filament to see if it was worth it. Here are my test results with my machine Ender 3 PRO with Glass Bed | > PLA Came Vacuum Sealed and Weighed 1.22kg and without the Vacuum Sealed Bag 1.19 Kg (Including the spool) | > PLA Measured 1.8MM in my Caliper but it should be 1.75mm as my Caliper does not have 2 digits decimals | > According to temperature tower printed the best printing temperature is between 200 – 215 c (I Preferred the 215 for my prints) | > Retraction was exactly at 5MM as specified in the specs of this product and tested it out to be perfect | > Came with extra bag in the box to seal the Filament once opened, which is handy | Some things to watch out. the product description where Recommended Bed Temperature is listed as “80-100┬░C (176-212┬░F)” This is not true for this case. The Temperature i would suggest is only between 45-65c Depending on your Bed type and printer. Also found it to be little tight to feed and use the filament via 3D if anyone planning to use it on a 3D Pen | Overall really satisfied and would be buying more when needed