November 4, 2020


When you book an “Invest in Your Health Nutrition package” (Cost $199) offered by Registered Dietitians at select Loblaws / PC family stores, you get 100,000 bonus PC Optimum points. This deal is goes from good to AMAZING if registered dietitians are covered under your employment extended benefits. Mine is covered at 90% and the rest of it is covered under health spending account, so I would spend zero dollars out of pocket to get $100-150 value in PC Optimum points.

I’m in Vancouver and while we don’t have many Loblaws stores, there are a few with this service available.

Edited to add:
– You book your service online through Medeo
– You attend your appt in person and then you pay in person, and then you should get your optimum points when you pay
– I don’t think you can book then not attend, as you pay in person
– If you need to reach someone about it, you can call up your local store by searching in the link