i have used it before – decent for the price

Amazon product: PLA Filament 1.75 from🍁Canadian Seller Mech Solutions Ltd🍁FLASHFORGE PLA+/PLA PRO 3D Printing Filament, with an Extra resealable vacuumed Bag, High Quality PLA Filament 1.75mm Provides Printing Temperature 374-428°F
Customer Reviews:
The Flashforge PLA Pro (Yellow) offers reliable, consistent printing performance. It printed just fine with the default PLA settings for my 3D printer. The full spool weighs 1.214 kg and the filament is winded neatly throughout. The yellow colour is nice and appears to be consistent throughout the spool. Using my recommended settings (see picture), the prints did not present any cracks, under-extrusion, or any defects that could completely ruin a print. This material would be well suited for beginners and professionals alike. Note that although this is a Flashforge product, it does not necessarily fit inside all Flashforge 3D printer models. | At $29.99+tx for 1 kg, it is a little on the high side. However, lower priced filaments sometimes require extensive testing resulting in excessive waste in order to get them to print right. In contrast, the Flashforge PLA Pro worked just fine out the box (no wasted print). The product comes with a resealable bag, which is a very nice addition. I hope this helps.