[Amazon.ca] Duracell 4 count AA rechargeable batteries $11.39 after coupon and S&S

//[Amazon.ca] Duracell 4 count AA rechargeable batteries $11.39 after coupon and S&S

[Amazon.ca] Duracell 4 count AA rechargeable batteries $11.39 after coupon and S&S



If you can’t get to an Ikea, Duracell 4 pack AA rechargeable batteries are currently $15.99 on Amazon.

You can get 5% off with Subscribe and Save: $0.80.

There’s a one time coupon for $3.80 that is applied at checkout.

Total after discounts is $11.39.

Remember to cancel the subscription.

Amazon product: Duracell – Rechargeable AA Batteries – long lasting, all-purpose Double A battery for household and business – 4 count
Customer Reviews:
These batteries are Japanese made and come with my hard to get and not easily earned, 5 star rating! | Having used many rechargeable batteries from another country we all know so well, these batteries shine very brightly, figuratively and literally speaking. I use many rechargeable batteries each day, sometimes about average 20 per day in my Sunbeam Heat to Go, battery operated heating pad belt. I use four batteries in about an hour as I use the belt on high heat setting which explains the high battery usage. I have serious chronic back problems and the more heat from the heating pad belt equals more temporary relief for me. I need the best batteries period..Compared to batteries made elsewhere, there is no comparison as these Duracell rechargeable AAbatteries have about the highest, prolonged heat output of any rechargeable batteries I use, even compared to another Japanese made battery you may be familiar with. To end my long explanation which I give so you can hopefully understand my familiarity with the different quality rechargeable batteries available, I feel I have found the best battery for my very important need, which is pain relief. That need is very high in my life and that is why I have taken the time to recommend these batteries AA size batteries to you to meet what need you have for a dependable very decent output rechargeable battery..


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