Just a great price for one of my favorite closed back options available on the market under 1000$

Amazon product: beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO Studio closed Reference Headphones
Customer Reviews:
I dont think this has the same tuning as reviewers heard it, It has a sound signature much closer to the Massdrop DT 177X GO, the highs never offend. The pads lip, and pads themselves im not fond of, or the cables, but swapping pads to Brainwavz round sheep skins gives them the comfort and sound thats great for my daily closed driver. I replaced the cable with a KK Cable as well and am impressed, very detailed, lots of sub-bass, not much impact however if you like loud cans. But overall very good for my situation. My Audeze are still my favorite sub bass, but they bleed sound oh so much.