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  • Charge and Sync: USB-C (male) to Micro-USB (female) adapter allows you to charge and sync USB-C devices with a micro-USB cable at 5V/2.4A fast charging speed and 480Mbps USB 2.0 data transfer speeds
  • Safe Charging: Safe, configured charging output ensured by high-standard components, including a high-power 56 kilo ohm resistor
  • Wide Compatibility: Reversible USB-C connector that plugs in either way up. Compatible with Macbook Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note9 8 S10 S10+ S9 S8+, Chromebook Pixel, ASUS Chromebook, Nexus 6P/5X, and other USB-C smartphones, tablets, and laptops

Amazon product: Micro USB to USB C Adapter (3 Pack) AUKEY USB Type C Converter OTG Supported USB C Connector to Micro USB with 56k Resistor Data Sync Charging for Samsung Galaxy S10+ S9 S8+ MacBook Pro Air LG Google
Customer Reviews:
Got this to connect my PS4 controller to my Razer Phone 2, as the USB Micro-B-to-Micro-B cable supplied with my clip wouldn’t work with the RP2’s USB-C port. | You get three of them for the money, which is great given the $10 price tag, and they come in this cute little sleeve so you don’t lose them (that I unfortunately destroyed in my ignorance of the fact that it’s meant to be reusable.) | If you have a few things you previously used with a phone that used Micro USB, you can just stick these onto the end of whatever and it’ll work perfectly with your new device and just leave ’em there, the bite is just fine and I don’t expect it to fall off (at least with my brand-new Micro-USB cable, YMMV.) | **Note that it is a solid coupler however, not a cable.** For devices that already utilize a cable, that’s totally fine, but I wouldn’t recommend using these with a Micro-USB OTG flash drive, for example, that doesn’t have any flexibility. | **The reason for this is that without any point of flexibility, the connectors can put pressure against each other, leading to malfunction or wear.** As Colin from the YouTube channel CSGuitars puts it: “If you don’t design points of flexibility into rigid systems, they will design themselves.” | Putting a bit more money into something with a cable for an OTG drive would be worth not risking your device’s longevity. | But if a coupler is what you need, these work great, don’t impede performance or introduce latency that I’ve noticed, and for $10 you get 3 of them for all your future-proofing needs. High accolades.