[Amazon.ca] Anker Soundcore Liberty Air – $69.99

//[Amazon.ca] Anker Soundcore Liberty Air – $69.99

[Amazon.ca] Anker Soundcore Liberty Air – $69.99



Just saw that Anker Liberty air went back on sale for $69.99, I believe last time they were on sale for $59.99 so $10 more but not a bad price at all for these highly rated headphones.

Gives 5 hours of playtime and 20 additional hours with the charging case, comes with additional ear tips, micro usb cable and 18 months warranty.

Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07HSYJWMR

Here is an unbox therapy review saying sound is better than AirPods but obviously everyone prefers different sound profile:

Amazon product: Soundcore Anker Liberty Air True Wireless Headphones with Charging Case, Bluetooth 5, 20H Playtime, Touch Control, Graphene Sound, Noise Cancelling Mics – 2.6, White (AK-A3902021)
Customer Reviews:
I love AirPods, but they simply won’t fit my ears. I’m In the 10% that sadly can’t fit them at all. | These anker earbuds takes everything AirPods did, but adds key elements to make it better. | – They’re in-ear: these actually fit and stay in my ears. They’re not the most snug, like my Tranya earbuds, but they’re pretty solid. I have to use the largest size. I must also note that you might not be able to use comply tips as it may not fit the case well. The tips that come with these earbuds sit close to the earbud itself. I could be wrong and there could be a version of comply tips that do work, but from what I’ve seen and heard, it doesn’t fit. | – The mic is really good, and the important part is the fact you can hear the person you’re talking to through BOTH earbuds. Most earbuds on Amazon, whether a random brand or a popular brand will only allow you to ear the person you’re speaking with in one ear only | – Connectivity is instant, like AirPods. After you pair once via bluetooth, they connect automatically. I like how it it doesn’t speak in the earbuds, saying “left channel connected, right channel connected”, etc. Some other pairs do that, but these don’t. They nailed it for connectivity. | – Sound quality: They’re really damn good and don’t sound cheap at all. I’ve tested other brands and these are probably my favourite sounding earbuds. The bass is there, but not too heavy. The mids and highs also sound great. Overall a good balance | – Price: Fair price, reputable brand. Anker makes excellent products and is well known on Amazon | Things Anker should change for future versions / Wishlist: | – USB C: This is becoming the standard and USB C would be an amazing addition. I get really tired of seeing microUSB now. | – Wireless charging: This would be amazing. Even if you charged a “pro” version where it was USB C + Wireless charging and included a power brick for a bit more in cost, people would pay for it. | – Matte black to stop fingerprints | – pause music when removing the earbuds, resume when putting them back in ears. AIrpods does this via a sensor | – swipe gestures for controlling volume | *** Overall Summary *** | I highly recommend these as they’re very affordable compared to other brands, and I’ve tested many others – these stand out as a top overall performer !


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