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August 18, 2020


RavPower 20000mAh Power Bank with 60 Watt PD is on 15$ discount on Amazon.

Included in the box: 1 x RAVPower PD Pioneer Power Bank (Model: RP-PB201) 1 x USB-C Charging Cable 1 x User Guide


Supports 60 Watt USB PD

Deal link: … oFbJHDKCPZ

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Features & details
  • Potent Power for Your Laptop: Substantial 60W PD output means it can charge your MacBook Pro perfectly, just as good as the original charger (60W 20000 portable charger is not compatible with 16″ Macbook Pro)
  • Big Power, Small Case: A 20000mAh battery pack to power your iPhone 11 Pro Max from 0% to full 2. 6 times, iphone Xs 5 times, Galaxy S10 & NOTE 10 3. 4 times, iPad Pro 2018 1. 6 times, MacBook Pro 13″ 2018 0.84 times (Data based on internal lab testing)
  • Dual Fast Charging: Equipped with one PD 60W port and one QC 18W port to ensure you can charge your laptop and phone at top speeds simultaneously
  • Mighty 30W PD Input: Achieve peak performance with a strapping 30W PD charging adapter – fully recharge the power bank in 3 hours(Charger Not Included)
  • Dependable Safety: Packed with advanced charging guards, this power bank is forged to protect against damage caused by overcurrent and overheating issues
  • Compatible phone models: iPhone 11/Pro/Max/ 8/ X/XS, Pixel 3/ 3XL/ 2XL, S10, iPad Pro 2018 and More
  • Item Weight:13. 2 oz(sports premium LG 21700 High-Density battery pack)
  • Connector type: usb type c

Amazon product: Portable Charger RAVPower 20000mAh 60W PD Power Bank 2-Port USB C QC Charging Power Delivery Compatible with MacBook Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max iPad Pro 2018
Customer Reviews:
The switch to USB-C standard is great, finally we can have standard powerbanks that can charge both phones and laptops. I use this one to top up my Dell Latitude 2-in-1, which comes with a 65W USB-C power adapter. Using this powerbank, I’m able to go from ~40% to ~95% in just over an hour, while using the laptop. So with the computer off, it can probably give about a 75% battery life extension. It can also charge my phone (Samsung A70 ) at a super fast rate since it supports 25W charging. | The powerbank is a pretty nondescript black box, but that’s fine by me for professional look over flash. The construction is solid and the plastics are high quality. The only downside I can see is that it only has 1 USB-C port so it’s not possible to do passthrough charging. So if you’re travelling and only bringing a single USB-C laptop charger, you can either charge your laptop or the powerbank but not both at the same time. I have a dual port USB-C travel charger so it’s not an issue, but it’s something to keep in mind when travelling and deciding how to pack. | I’ve had good luck with Ravpower products in the past, they tend to be on the same level as other more well known brands, at a more competitve price. I’m not at all disappointed with this 60W USB-C powerbank.