First time posting so take it easy on me!

Currently No Frills or Metro are pricing Lays chips this week at $2 for the 235g bag.

Superstore will price match 3 bags for a total of $6

Head over to and there is a coupon for $1 off for two bags bringing the total down to $5

There is also another coupon on tastyrewards that says if you buy three participating lays products, get a Pepsico Pack free. The pepsico pack includes a 12 pack of Pepsi and a bag of Lays up to 415G for free! The coupon is not explicit that both are included, though I’ve reached out to tastyrewards and have confirmed over email that both items are free.

At Superstore this week they are also providing 2000 PCO points for buying 3 bags of Lays Chips, bringing the total for all items down to $3.

I have done this twice already and have had no issues.

Have Fun Everyone!