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This umbrella normally goes for $28. It’s on sale for $21. Even if it wasn’t on sale, I would totally have paid full price for it.

So I saw this umbrella at Shoppers Drug Mart in 2009 and thought it was cool. You can wear it like a backpack or a shoulder bag. It cost $29 at the time. I never thought how convenient or handy that it could become! I used it for 9 years until I left and lost it in an EVO in 2018.

My best friend had also bought the umbrella at the time I bought it. He swore it was the best umbrella he’d ever had! That strap was so convenient, especially if you’re taking public transit. He forgot it on the bus, and lost it in 2013.

Since the time my friend and I lost it, I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for this umbrella again. A few years ago I found something similar to it, but it was like $80 plus shipping from the UK.

But just a few days ago, I did a search again, and OMG. I’ve found this umbrella again! And it’s the exact same one!

Other strap umbrellas, the strap is usually on the umbrella cover. The strap for this umbrella is DIRECTLY on the umbrella. It’s handier/more convenient that way.

This umbrella is super lightweight. I’ve bought a few different types of other umbrellas from amazon over the years, and they’re just so heavy, and not something I would want to carry around on long trips on the bus.

I saw someone at KFC with this umbrella today. This was the first person I’d ever seen with this umbrella besides my best friend. I mean, it must good if people are buying it now, right?