Survival First Aid Kits


Due to the nature of my job, I’ve had a chance to work with quite a few different first aid kits.
Survival First Aid Kits from Australia is by far one of the best first aid kits that are well thought out.
I highly recommend them.
I was just about to refill my some of my products and checked out their site and right now they are offering summer sale.

Currently, their vehicle first aid kit is being offered for $59 which is a very compelling price, although not the cheapest, very well made.
Their first aid kits are color-coded with specific wording for their uses and their molle webbing allows it for easy deployment and expandability to your molle gear systems.

I recommend everyone to have at least one first aid kits at home at least, if possible.. 1 at your car, and 1 at your workplace.

I highly recommend them and hope everyone stays safe during these times