September 9, 2020


I got an email stating that they have a Member Price promo for PC Brand Sparkling Water. Its 49 Cent per 1L bottle which is quite cheap given that the standard is usually a dollar. It’s not really worth going out specifically for, but if you are stopping by Loblaws’ and like sparkling water, i think you should definitely grab it. Its not as flavorful as Bubly, but just about as gassy. I like it better than Perrier water.
The price really helps justify it! It’s much cheaper than sparkling water anywhere whether that be Walmart, Costco, etc.

I had grabbed a bunch of 12 packs when they had the promo for that the last time around (4ish months ago), but now i’m starting to run low.

That previous deal was really popular. It works out to the same cost as this! If your like me and also have a PC Optimum rewards deal for 400 points for every $2 spent, it’s even hotter!
Previous Deal: loblaws-pc-blue-menu-sparkling-water-12 … s-2380439/

Both deals work out to ~4¢ per 100ml.