[Fresh Co] $1 (PM opportunities) /Seedless Watermelon (medium sized)

//[Fresh Co] $1 (PM opportunities) /Seedless Watermelon (medium sized)

[Fresh Co] $1 (PM opportunities) /Seedless Watermelon (medium sized)

Fresh Co


so today my neighbor told me that freshco has $1 watermelons.

being the cheapo that I am, i immediately took a rolling cart from my backyard and ran to the freshco my neighbor was referring to, they had two big cardboard boxes of watermelons. note that the cardboard boxes were placed quite far away from each other.

however, some of the watermelons were rotten and caused the cardboard boxes to be reeking with stench.

i tried my best to not puke and picked out ~6 from each box for a total of 12. Note that, the selection process was quite lengthy given the quality of the remaining watermelon in those boxes, I had a bottle of water that I brought from home with me, I would stop and drink water when I got tired.

I stopped in the end not because I couldn’t take it anymore, I only stopped because my cart couldn’t take it anymore.

i was able to do it because i wasn’t alone, i had the overwhelming moral support from the entire RFD community.

even though the cashier has no idea how many watermelons i had in my cart, i made sure that i told the young man the correct number when i checked out (12), I am a penny pincher but i am honest.

I then took a picture and was merrily on my way home.

receipts, price tag as well as my cart full of watermelon attached below to demonstrate that I deserve my RFD membership, and to help anyone with any PM initiatives.

it’s not about the money, it’s about all the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and patterns we acquired on RFD.


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