Most people probably already know and there are already threads for Koodo and Virgin.

I also came across this promotion at Fido, and wanted to try adding a line on my Fido home internet account.
There was an error, suggesting to ‘contact Fido’ if I want to add a mobile line.

So I called and spoke to this agent, and after a long conversation and process, in the end I have the below information or set up:
1. $50/month for 9GB + unlimited talk and text, and -$10 bill credit for first 12 months. She did confirm this is before tax, so it is $40+tax.
2. Because I was not able to do it myself online, she waived $40 connection fee.
3. I was confirmed this plan and bonus data will stay as long as I keep the same plan.
4. I also saw an offer in my account ‘Add a line and receive $5 off for 24 months AND 2GB bonus’.
She said I already get $10 off for 12 months (See #1 above), but she can’t do anything about 2GB bonus mentioned in this offer, as this offer itself is for a 2nd line. So, no 2GB bonus.
She also said that, if I want to add a line, next week for example, I will get this offer for that line.