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Very good price for a zwave dimmer switch ($32.5) ! … B07RYMSH6Q

You need a hub to use those dimmers (smartthings, hubitat, … ).

Amazon product: Inovelli Z-Wave Dimmer Switch (Black Series) | No Neutral ZWave Switch | Repeater, 3-Way Smart Switch Technology, Signal Indicator | Z-Wave Plus w/S2 SmartStart
Customer Reviews:
If you’re just doing the really simple wifi system with a home assistant (google/alexa) then you can get away with the cheap wifi plugs all over amazon, but if you are using a smart hub or want more than the most basic setup you can’t find any better than these. I’m using them with my Hubitat hub and have 2x dimmers (no neutral) and 3x switches, they all set up perfectly first try and work flawless. I can’t say that for the regular wifi and luceta switches I had replaced with these. I honestly can’t believe they offer the quality and functionality for the price they do.