Was 299.99 and it’s 199.97 now. Not all store has it but I checked Downsview and Vaughn still has it. I was at Downsview location this evening and they have like 50ish left. Vaughan location has 60ish left. Don’t worry about the tag as it was still showing 299.99 but when you scan it at check out you will see it’s 199.97. It’s sold out online unfortunately.

It’s a expensive toothbrush and it’s good for people who is aiming for it. It’s a big pink box.

SKU: 1360442
Model: 9354/75

2 Sonicare Handles – One White / One Pink
2 Charging Glasses
2 USB Travel Charging Cases
2 Premium Plaque Control Brush Heads
2 DiamondClean Brush Heads