Banana Republic


Hi All,

Before you vote me down to Bolivia for a BR thread, let me first say that as a true RFDer I’m aware that 40% off is regular price and watch BR deals closely as their suits actually fit me and I have to wear them every day.

Basically they’re 60% off right now, plus another 10% and that’s before rakuten and any gift cards you’ve acquired at up to 20% off. This is the best deal I’ve seen for “non-sale” suits. So this is the regular stock, not the stuff you have to find in the sale section. To provide some context, over the past couple of years, the 40% + 20% would be the best I’d see but since the pandemic there were regular 50% + 10% off deals which was a new low for me so the current deal really takes the cake. The pants are normally 215 so I’d buy them for around 110 and have never seen them below 100 unless one-offs in the sale section. now they’re $77, which is an absolute steal. Thanks to corona I had to buy a size up on my pants and in total I have 18 pairs of BR suit pants now. Depressing. Note that these are 100% wool and often super 110’s so not at all like those old CK suit deals at the bay. Sadly I have 2 of those and have never worn them.