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The design of these chips makes them very crumble proof from shipping. They’re like Doritos but rolled into thick sticks.

Not as low as the Warehouse Deals ones we see occasionally. All time low shown on .

Amazon product: Takis Outlaw Spicy BBQ Rolled Tortilla Chips Loaded with Intense BBQ Flavour, Crunchy Corn Snack, 280 Grams
Customer Reviews:
I’ve hated Doritos my entire life. Too sweet. I hate sweet corn and they always tasted that way. I noticed Doritos came out with a rolled up version similar to takis, but the flavour was sweet corn again. Yuck. Anyway, I gave these a shot and I can’t get enough of them. I’m addicted. This is coming from someone who never ate Doritos and still hates ’em! Give these a shot, even if you don’t like Doritos. Much tastier flavour and crunch, hands down!