August 10, 2020


Hey everyone, was in the market for a gimbal and stumbled onto this lighting deal.

From the little research I’ve done this seems to be a great bang for your buck gimbal.

Hope I’ve helped someone who’s in a similar position as me!

There is also the “Image Transmission and Servo Follow Focus” bundle at a slight discount right now too @$ 636.65 … ljaz10cnVl

Amazon product: Zhiyun Weebill S Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR Mirrorless Camera DSLR Steadicam Canon a6500 5DIV 5DIII EOS R Sony A7M3 A7R3 A7 III A9 Panasonic S1 GH5s Nikon Z6, Improved Motor
Customer Reviews:
I have bought the weebill lab and returned it in just two weeks, why? because it had a lot of compromises and things that were not very well designed, such as the sling mode grip clearance from the motor, the locks did not feel secure and were easy to unlock by its self, the camera needed extra weight to balance it properly and not to have the eye piece hit the gimbal motor, etc. | now what makes the Weebill S better? you can watch the video to learn more (sorry for the noisy background during the test) | The first thing is the more powerful motor and better clearance for bigger and heavier setup, which all the specs can be found on the website. | The second is that the transmitter is a separate unit with Weebill S so it makes it cheaper and also lighter if you want to use it for travel and have a quick and easy setup and transportation. | Now I did have other gimbals and mainly I got this for the portability and effectiveness in functionality with all the gears I have so far, which are all mirrorless cameras with Sigma Art lenses which is decently heavy, and I had no issues at all. | There are not any much more things to describe in text, so I suggest you watch the video to have a better understanding on how it works and what makes this gimbal a no brainer 🙂