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Amazon product: Webber Naturals Melatonin Easy Dissolve Sublingual Tablet, Peppermint, 3mg
Customer Reviews:
The perfect solution for occasional sleep issues. We bought these to help out the kids readjust their bedtime habits for end of summer/back to school. They had had so much screen time on vacation that I’m convinced they just weren’t producing melatonin anymore. 3 days and they were back to normal, no issues. I ordered this one because it was the lowest dose I found. My little ones are age 5 and 3, and we gave them 1 chewable tablet each (with our doctor’s okay) at bedtime for only 3 nights in a row, as they re-adjusted their sleep schedule. The only issue is now we have a whole bottle left haha! I’ll keep them on hand for the rest of the family if we ever need a safe, effective sleep aid. | The bottle is not child proof and taste delicious, like mint candies, so be sure to lock it up out of kids reach. I was also advised not to use it for more than 5 days to prevent any dependency. But you should always check with your own doctor before giving to your kids, just in case.