Quality brand hair clippers have had sparse stock since March. Often when they do get briefly stocked again the price is hiked way up.
This is a big discount off the inflated prices we’ve been seeing this past 6 months but it is the standard price before pandemic.
And this model is the best rated hair clippers model as per The WireCutter .
4.5/5 star rating out of 871 reviews on

Amazon product: Wahl Canada Elite Pro High Performance Home Hair Cutting Kit, At home Haircutting, Electric Hair Clipper, Grooming Kit for Men, Electric Hair Clipper, Certified in Canada, Model 3145
Customer Reviews:
Bought this as a Christmas gift for my brother in law but had to try it first. I carefully opened the box and used in on my southern regions. I was amazed on how well it glides threw the folds and bumps. No worries in cutting myself again. The hair was not prickly but really soft so much so that I left it out for the birds to nest in. The next morning the hair was gone and the birds were singing. Christmas Day arrives and my brother in law was so happy and excited that he went upstairs to give it a try. He loved it. The only thing was that he said it had a funny factory smell to it but his beard was never so soft and groomed so well. | Totally approve of this item.