This is my classic dice roll thread.

This is a great modern Android Wear OS smart watch that seems to be mispriced for whatever reason.

The black version is selling at $269.99, they’ve only just given a $30 coupon.

The white version, linked here, is selling at $159.99 (no tax, prime shipped). Brand new.

It’s not quite a Samsung Galaxy Watch, but it approaches that watch’s value for much less money

I would say buy it, try it, and keep or return it depending on your assessment.

Amazon Prime return is pretty much bullet proof.

P.S. I’m on mobile, but my ReviewMeta comparison from the other night placed the Samsung Galaxy Watch at 4.1 / 5.0 while this TicWatch scored 3.8 / 5.0. That latter score also seems diluted by some less positive E2 reviews. Take that for what you will.

God bless, folks.

Amazon product: Mobvoi TicWatch E2 and TicWatch S2, Waterproof Smartwatch with 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor, Wear OS by Google, Compatible with Android and iOS
Customer Reviews:
This is my first Smartwatch. I wanted something simple that I can wear to the pool and pairs with my Pixel 2 cell phone. Love this watch. Multiple faces to choose from. It took me about 2 hours to get use to wearing such a large watch, but I am already use to it. I can type on it or use google assistant. No speaker but you can use wireless ear buds to compensate. The battery life is about a day, but that is no big deal. This is not a watch I would sleep with as it’s too big. So I just charge it overnight on my bedside stand. I love the fact I can choose from a simple display that does not use too much power to a fancy marble display for a more formal occasion. | I was torn between the C2 and the E2. The C2 is much nicer looking with the leather strap and it’s a bit smaller. I ended up going with this one due to the ATM5 rating. An all around great wearable OS that runs on Google Operating System.