Not big of a discount, but good enough for what it comes with.

I literally just installed mine and it’s such an easy plug and play setup. Great quality video, lots of features, comes with the GPS and the CPL filter.

Amazon product: VIOFO A119 V3 2560 x 1600P Quad HD+ Dash Camera with GPS Logger and CPL 2020 Edition
Customer Reviews:
Being a dash cam junkie for a good part of 10 years we’re finding the VIOFO A119 V3 to be a very good value as a single cam when combined w/GPS and CPL filter. Excellent video quality and nice feature set. Majority of my cams max out at 1080P so seeing what Quad HD (2560 x 1440P) brings to the table is a definite improvement to my existing 2017/18 models (various brand)… 4K is nice yet can be more resource intensive so wasn’t looking for such. | Always had some hesitation with the “wedge shaped” design but now that I have the A119 V3 mounted I love it, so stealthy after a methodical placement. Still very easy to remove cam and/or access MicroSD card which was one of my concerns, not any more although this may vary being application dependant. | Cam came very nicely package with all the essentials (except for MicroSD card) including GPS module and CPL filter… Was looking for a dash cam w/CPL filter option to minimize those annoying windshield reflections/glares and going by what I am seeing so far it does a real decent job of minimizing. | As an extra bought the VIOFO suction cup mount (wish it has been included) for initial testing purposed, worked perfectly… Choose the more permanent method of mounting w/adhesives to reduce shake as much as possible. Also purchase extra GPS mounts for the V3 for multiple vehicle/single cam use (purchased a second A119 V3 already LOL). | Audio quality is the best I’ve heard on a dash cam being far superior to anything I presently own. Have not detected any unusual noise(s) in any of my recordings. | The standard Mini USB charging port is welcoming. Have a few cams w/proprietary charging ports/cables which can be a big pain especially after neatly hardwiring everything into place, essentially makes for swapping between different cams difficult if proper cabling isn’t already in place. | Capacitor instead of battery? Although over the course I have never experienced a dash cam fail due to a faulty battery it only makes sense capacitors are the future especially in such an application. The risks associated with batteries in general is no longer present, plus reliability in extreme hot/cold temperatures should be improved, theoretically anyway. | Overall very impressed with the A119 V3… | Pros: | * Great value | * Superb video quality – Wide Quad HD @ 2560 x 1440P (preferred setting) | * Easy to navigate menus | * Good feature set | * Capacitor equipped (no battery) | * VIOFO support | * Std Mini USB charging port | * Max storage capacity 256GB (using 128GB card) | * Memory card easily accessible while mounted (placement dependant) | * Stealthy appearance once installed (placement dependant) | * Sound quality best I’ve experienced | * GPS modules can be purchased separately (multiple vehicle/single cam use) | * CPL filter | * Customizable Car Number/Custom Text Stamp capable | Cons: | * Somewhat slow to start up | * Not WiFi capable | * No suction mount included | * Lens adjustment(s) up-n-down only (no side-to-side) | Yes I gave this cam high ratings yet after much research feel one is getting a good bang for their buck purchasing the VIOFO A119 V3 w/GPS logger and CPL filter. The cons mentioned have little bearing on my usage as the pros far outweigh, looking forward to using these puppies probably mounting second as a rear cam.