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Amazon product: Car Jump Starter, TrekPow TJ2500 2500A Peak 18000mAh 12V Auto Battery Booster (Engines up to 9.0L Gas/8.0L Diesel) with Upgraded Smart Clamps, IP68 Waterproof, QC3.0, Type-C Input, LED Flashlight
Customer Reviews:
I bought this as my old booster pack was showing its age. It is an older battery technology that I imagine suffered from being subjected to long slow discharges, infrequent use, and maintenance charges. It is also lot larger than this jumper and cumbersome to store and use. | I ordered this booster pack and am very happy it arrived just before a very cold streak we had earlier this month. I am unable to plug in my vehicle where I park overnight and knew my six year old original battery may need replacing soon. One morning it was -33C without the windchill and -47C with the windchill (-27F/-53F) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As expected my vehicle failed to start (4.7L V6) | **Important Note** | Be sure to read the instruction and understand the proper way to set up this jumper pack so you don’t have to while fumbling around in the cold. The instructions specifically outline how to set it up to work properly. There is a module connected to the cable clamps which will prevent proper usage if these steps are not followed in the right order. | Most importantly you must first connect the cable clamps to the jumper pack before connecting them to each battery post. Only then will the LED indicator flash red and green indicating it is ready for use. This is shown in the attached video. I first connected the cable clamps to the battery, then to the booster pack. The LED remained solid green which I figured meant it was ready but it would not work, be sure to follow the order**** | Once connected properly this had no issue starting my vehicle. The following morning I had to boost it again, the battery indicators remained at four out of four LEDs. I have since replaced the battery but am very happy I have this unit. | Summary of pros: | -Compact with soft Ridgid case, easy to store, move, and use under the hood of a vehicle. | -Powerful. No issues with a 4.7L V6. Rated for much larger engines but I purposefully ordered one with a higher output and capacity. | -Two charging cable options. Micro USB or USB-C. Very convenient as these are both very common and future proofs this unit. | -Included 2A charger. I tested with a 3A QC and had no issues. | -Versatility of charging. These cables allow for you to charge the unit while driving from an in vehicle USB charger. This ensures the unit is always ready if stored in your vehicle, although I wouldn’t recommend it as the operating temperature states it is above -25C. | -Price. This was much cheaper than a big brand alternative with a lower capacity and output. | -Doubles as a portable power bank. In an emergency this booster can both boost your vehicle and keep your devices charged. | Overall I cannot think of any cons. I think this is an absolute must have for anyone who relies on a vehicle every day and lives in the climate we do. At this price it is about the cost of one emergency boost from a tow truck, which would take hours to arrive due to the number of other vehicles also requiring a boost. | Highly recommend!