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Good timing in Amazon Canada for the Tineco A11 Masters+ model that is 25% off. Price isn’t the lowest per CCC, which was $371 on last year BF. Also this is the all in price as there is no tax at checkout.

Pro of this unit is two batteries, and include the soft rollers for hard flooring.

Amazon product: Tineco A11 Master+ Cordless Vacuum Stick Lightweight Handheld Carpet Cleaner Vacuum
Customer Reviews:
Absolutely love this vacuum! Prior to getting the A11Master+, I had had two Dyson handhelds. | Both handhelds had issues: the power didn’t last very long, the batteries had to be replaced regularly AND I found very hard on my hand to HOLD the switch ON all the time. | The A11 Master is wonderful and just as powerful as the Dysons I had. | PLUS you don’t have to HOLD the switch when you use it (it’s optional)! PLUS it has a lot of juice! It comes with TWO batteries. So far, I have been able to do my daily cleanings using a SINGLE battery! But it is nice – and stress free – to know that if you need more time, battery number 2 is ready for duty! Great feeling. | And the ACCESSORIES!!! So many of them! You are sure to have the tool you need for anything! | There are some accessories you will use regularly – this is why the A11Master+ (the WallMount version of this model) holds the handheld with the large PowerBrush that you prefer (I use the “all floors”) at the end of the tube, plus | • the cleaning hook/brush that cleverly stored inside the small tube of the horizontal bar, | • and your THREE favourite handheld accessories. All other accessories, that you only use occasionally fit nicely inside a string pulling bag. The only accessory I do not store in the bag is the second large PowerBrush (the hard floor only brush) | I LOVE this vacuum! I have never needed to use the MAXIMUM power yet. The regular power has proven to be enough. Another plus is that the noise level is ok, really not very loud. | I also love the lights on the PowerBrush! You see so much better than relying on day light or electric lights to clean, it’s a very big plus! And the PowerBrush is so good, I seldom use the handheld version anymore. I mean, I used to grab my Dyson handhelds anytime I would need a dustpan and broom. Not anymore!! I just grab beloved Tineco A11 Master with my all floor PowerBrush and I get everything done in a jiffy!! And a very good job that is: i save my back, i save time, and the place is clean! Then I anchor “Tiny” back on the Mount (love the WallMount too). Now I use the handheld for the couch/chairs and the car. | Oh yes, and I didn’t mention another very clever thing about “Tiny”, how you clean the filters. The company has even invented a special accessory that permits to clean the pre-filter right on the handheld itself rather than have to wash it all the time. One more thing: the guide/manual is clear, well written and well presented. It is printed on very good quality paper which is a rarity these days. | There’s one feature I would have liked my “Tiny” to have – and this is why I took one star away for manoeuverability – I wish the tube would have the capability of positioning and “clicking” into a straight up vertical position and stay up when attached to a PowerBrush, but it can’t: we have to lean it against a wall. | Bottom line: This is a very useful tool, a big time saver. You are getting your moneys worth.