Amazon product: Synology 2 Bay NAS DiskStation DS220j (Diskless), 2-Bay; 512MB DDR4
Customer Reviews:
I had a D211j for the last 7 years. It suddenly died while I was installing a new LAN Switch… don’t ask, I just moved it 10cm and put it on its side. My heart almost stopped since all my kids pictures are there and my wife was going to kill me. | Long story short, bought the DS218j, move the old HDs over and voila. Everything was back to normal. I just had to change the IP address and it was as it never went anywhere. As soon as I boot it, it recognized the drives coming from the DS211j and asked if I wanted to migrate data and settings to DS218j. I’m very happy to have my pictures again. I use it for a bunch of other things too, but the most important and irreplaceable would be the pictures… | PS: the new model is a LOT faster. the GUI on the DS211j was brutally slow.