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Amazon product: Smith & Wesson Spear
Customer Reviews:
Is it a knife or is it a spear head? I can’t decide how I want to store this thing, on the end of a broom handle or with the knife handle (right now it’s on a broom handle) lol…but I don’t want to loose my knife handle. It’s a dilema. Very nice product, good value. When I read the desciption I wasn’t sure if just the blade was steel and it was mounted in a plastic mold (as in what is steel and what is plastic) because technically the blade goes into the handle and the handle is listed as plastic. Happy to find the whole spear head is metal and a plastic part of the handle screws into that to make it a regular knife. In the third picture the part at the top is all metal and only the screw in part is plastic. Maybe I’m the only one who wondered that. The sheath it comes with is decent too with a belt loop. So if SHTF you can put this on you belt and all you need to make it a nice spear is to find a broom handle somewhere, can’t be too hard right? Then you be like a zulu warrior!