The lowest I’ve seen in a long time. Still using mine from Q4 2013. So, it’s about $0.35 per day of ownership so far.

Haven’t seen any deal for IEMs from Campfire Audio, Empire Ears, Meze, 64 Audio, Noble Audio…etc. Maybe holding out for BF.

Amazon product: Shure SE846-CL-EFS Sound Isolating Earphones with Quad HiDef MicroDrivers, Crystal Clear
Customer Reviews:
Audio Pros: | LowEnd = 10/10 | Middle = 9/10 | Audio Cons : | Treble = 6/10 | (no punches at all with high frequencies) | Soundstage = 4/10 (smallish) | Cable is long enough and sturdy | The IEM fits perfectly in ears | But after a long time it hurts (with foam) | So i did went for normal eartips (lose bass) | I would have like to get the black one but amazon only had the bronze and clear color in mid 2016 | I put the white filter for better highs | I made a good choice buying this unit | My favorite music genres from 1 to 5 and the ratings for each style with the se846 | 1: Metalcore/deathcore 7/10 | 2: Hiphop 9/10 | 3: Dubstep/Riddim 10/10 | 4: EDM 10/10 | 5: Rock/Soft Metal 7/10 | The feature on this IEM is the low end bass, so as my personal rating says you need basshead music to appreciate it much more, not made for insane detailed music | I did appreciated it for a long time but now i moved on to another level that’s why these are not my daily IEM anymore. | I do use it on my cellphone now (listening to spotify premium and flacs), it is my on-the-go earphones. Not as textured as the 64audio Fourté with a DAC, still really awesome! | The question now is… would i recommend it? | For beginners: who never bought expensive gear. I’d say, NO! Not worth the price tag | Go get some sennheiser HD-1 to begin with! | For average listeners: this would be an insane upgrade, get a DAC and you won’t regret it! | For advanced audiophile: I’d say put more money and go for Noble or 64audio u12t and above.