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For price reference: I bought my last tub on amazon for $10.99 which I think is their regular price but I know sometimes it goes on sale for $9.99. They sell the 2 pack at costco online for $17.99.

Not an add-on item. Enjoy!

Amazon product: Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Perfect Topping for Pancakes, Bulk 1 Kilogram Jar
Customer Reviews:
Well if part of your Bucket List is to 1) Go Blind 2) Get Diabetes 3) Gain an Enormous Amount of Weight…..than look no further…..this is definitely the Product for You! But keep in mind, you will be the Happiest Person Ever! You definitely can’t go wrong with 2lbs of Fun! Nutella is so sweet, creamy and smooth you probably will eat the entire jar in just one sitting! I almost did! And for the PRICE!! $6.00! Who can beat that when it’s on Sale. | The Jar is much bigger than the Supermarket size; which sells for much more (Refer to the Picture). The Nutella Twin Pack also sells above $11.00; buying two of these will still be cheaper in the long run!. | Jump right in and Enjoy! | If you found my Review helpful, please make sure to click the Helpful Link button on your way out. Happy Shopping.