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Amazon product: Shure AONIC Headphones, Clear (SE53BACL+UNI), Standard
Customer Reviews:
Pros: | – Super solid build quality. The IEMs are light weight, but have a nice heft to them. Love the clear housing.. The included accessories all match the quality of the IEMs themselves. The zippered semi-hard shell case is particularly nice, and offers a good amount of protection for your IEMs while still being compact. | – Included cable with in-line mic and volume adjustment is high quality, and is both iPhone and Android compatible at the flip of a switch | – Very customizable. As with all Shure IEMs, you can detach the ear buds themselves and swap out the cable, which is great in case your cable breaks, or you’re looking for something a little different. Also means you can swap these out for a Bluetooth compatible cable set from Shure. I’ve been particularly excited about their true wireless Bluetooth module that converts any of their IEMs to a true wireless pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Not only an you swap out the cables though on this, you can also change the actual tubing on the IEMs themselves ( the part where your ear tip mounts) with the included accessories kit. They have 3 sets of tubes which can further modify the sound, i.e. making for a warmer sound profile. I’ve been able to notice a pretty substantial difference with the different tubing kits which really surprised me | – Sound quality is outstanding. Even without a powered external AMP I’ve been blown away by the sound quality. If you’re streaming on Spotify, make sure to set your streaming quality to high quality to be able to fully appreciate these. The sound stage is very full, and this does a really great job with mids and highs. Lows are tight, but not as booming as I personally like. For people used to beats or other more main stream ear buds, these may not give you the same oomphy bass that you may be used to, but focuses on crystal clear mids and highs instead with balanced, tight bass which it totally delivers on. | – Good value for money. While these certainly aren’t cheap, when you consider the quality that you do get, it’s a very reasonable price. I’ve found this to be the case with Shure’s whole line up really – because these aren’t super main stream, you don’t pay much brand tax which is nice. | – Love how comfortable these are to wear. Comes with a wide variety of ear tips, including a full set of comply foam ear tips, so you’ll have no issues finding a set of tips that give you that perfect fit. I particularly like Shure’s signature, over ear wrap design and the IEM housing which sits flush with your ears. | Cons: | – None really | Overall: | I’m incredibly happy with these high end IEMs from Shure. While they certainly aren’t cheap, they offer a lot of value for money with a very full sound stage and crystal clear and accurate mids + highs. This definitely isn’t bass focussed, so keep that in mind if you want more oomph with your earbuds, but these still offer very clear, tight bass to compliment the super fleshed out mids and highs. 100% would recommend if that sound profile is appealing to you!