The Vitamix Aer Disc Container is on sale for $126.13 on

I was tracking this via CCC and it’s telling me it’s at a historic low.

I believe on Prime Day with the 20% discount and at the Costco roadshow, it was around the $129 mark.

Hopefully this is helpful for someone!

Amazon product: Vitamix Aer Disc Container, 48 oz.
Customer Reviews:
The included recipe book is a general guideline that helps you springboard your culinary creativity options. The ability to make emulsion salad dressings, using appropriate emulsification agents like mustard or egg yolks, etc. is amazing. Also great for making all kinds of agua frescas that would not be possible without this machine. Culinary foams and sauces are also amazing, as are the whipped coconut, dairy cream or chick pea water foams/creams. It takes a lot of experimentation with this gadget, but it really is excellent. Strawberry agua fresca is amazing and probably impossible without this gizmo.